About Rootcom Est. 1997

Refreshingly Unique

In a world where big keeps getting bigger and personal service seems nearly extinct, Root Communication operates with a different philosophy. We are small by design, choosing to focus on serving the needs of individuals and businesses in our community. We believe that individualized assistance, support and training is the best way to overcome the frustration and fear often associated with today’s computer technology. Finally, we are committed to providing one-of-a-kind service and solutions tailored to each of our customer’s specific needs.

Our Roots Run Deep…

ROOT : The essential core; the underlying support (heart); a close relationship with an environment (tie).
—Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

RACINE : from the French, literally “root”; also a thriving southeast Wisconsin community (pop. 85,000).

ROOT RIVER: This river empties into Lake Michigan just blocks from our facility. Its twists and turns reminded early settlers of tree roots; hence the name.

ROOT COMMUNICATION LLC: A provider of Internet service, computer services and education, located in the heart of downtown Racine. Also known as RootCom™.

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